Just because homophobia sensitive words in the native language but many giants like Coca Cola and Honda fall into the circumstances cry smile.

1. Mazda – Laputa

In 1991, carmaker Mazda has launched a line of products called Laputa at Spain. The problem is “Puta” in the local language means “prostitute”, more sorrowful than the line ad it is full of imagery as “designed to provide maximum utility in a small spaces, with a gentle nudge, comfortable “and” compact dimensions, capable of absorbing the impact body “… as a result, the company had to rename the car after getting too much complaints.

2. Honda – Fitta

“Fitta” is the original name of “Jazz” Honda vehicles are offered for sale in the Nordic market. There is something “Fitta” pronounced very similar from only sensitive parts of a woman in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. More complex, Honda advertises this model as “small on the outside, big on the inside.”

3. McDonald’s Big Mac

A disastrous mistake when product lines hit McDonald’s Big Mac was brought to France and translated into “Gros Mec”. While the true meaning of this word is “Don pimp”.

4. Hunt-Wesson – Baked Beans

Similar to the case of McDonald’s, the Hunt-Wesson baked beans were introduced in Canada in French as “Gros Jos” – a slang term meaning “big boobs”. However, this mistake could also cause the company’s sales increases.

5. Vicks Vapo-Rub

When Vicks bring its products to Germany, they were not aware that the “V” in German reads almost like the letter “F”, hence the “Vicks” would read as “Ficks” – full of suggestions to a famous profanity in English (and known worldwide). Imagine someone in the store and say “Can I have a Vicks please” (So I bought a box of Vicks).

6. IKEA – Gutvik

Similar Vicks products named Gutvik IKEA bed also cause harmful association. In German, “Gut” means “good”, and when paired with Vik, it became a name can not be more coarse.

7. Coca-Cola – kekoukela

When approaching the Chinese market, Coca-Cola has named his product is Kekoukela which translated means “tadpole Bite mess”. Then, it has to be studied to 40,000 different characters to find suitable name – “kokou Kole”, which translated means “happy on the lips”.

8. KFC

KFC also been in trouble in China as a new product offering omelets here. That’s when it misinterpreted his famous slogan: “Taste on each finger” to “Eat your arms.”

9. Kinki tourist

Second-largest travel agency in Japan arriving in English-speaking countries has continued to receive requests sex tour bookings. While waiting to find out the reason of this, Kinki boss has decided to rename the Knt services in countries mentioned above.

10. Wang cares

In the 70s, computer company Wang in the US has requested advertising partners in the UK to explain why the slogan “Wang Cares” which is their success in the domestic market which was not well received in the country fog. The reason given is this word which is pronounced the same as “wanker” – meaning “idiot”.

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