Denis Gledenov – owners of the domain name in the community of 16,000 Internet users in Russian – * descriptive portrait of the domain name investors and why anyone would envy them. Vietnamese translation by Business World Portal done with the consent of the copyright of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Esquire (Kazakhstan) got lucky when I started the job this domain name trafficking. Meanwhile in Russia, during the dotcom movement, people relaxed domain name registration without surcharge. Subscribers simply fill out a profile consisting of 39 items and send management agencies is finished. Not everyone has the patience to pursue this, but I was different. My first domain name was sold for several thousand euros “The deal” first gave me excitement: why not exploit their “gold mine” to the business, right? So I began the search for the domain name and become a “merchant” real domain name. Some years back, I had nearly 4,000 domain names, and today is 16,000. Who owns a domain name such large numbers in Russia I only count on the fingers. In order to become a true expert in this field, should have a certain volume domain, moreover, the domain name must attract the attention of people.

What I do is like gambling: you bet on a certain number of domain names and * wait for fate to smile. Time was a student living in the dorm, I began investing in domain name game and “baked” in which almost all the money that the family support. Now, I use the proceeds from selling the domain name to continue to invest in new domains. This gives me more opportunities. But it is difficult to calculate accurately the domain name will bring you much money. For example such trademarks.

The time I started to TOEs wholesale domain name, nobody thought that the registration of a domain name identical to the name brand business that will bring profit. Then this beginner traders are aware. I bought a few magazines and see which women have yet catchy label and immediately check if they have been posted on the Internet or no reason. For the famous brand does not matter much difficulty. All the incidents only happen with the new company a few appearances in some news reports. Immediately, the representatives of these companies appear. They began to prove that he can spend a few thousand euros for this domain. The company is unranked, and just sit there trying to think, to believe them or not, whether to agree to sell the domain name for the price they offer or not. domain name (a website to find old friends quite popular in Russia – BWP) is an example. Most traders agree that the domain name, no one to buy the domain name hangs so long and will not have any ghosts in this world are interested in it. And yet, this domain is currently one of the hottest domain name in Russian!

Or such as domain name. Previously, when the domain name registration was not one, I will not even care about it. Why do u? Because nobody would ever believe in Putin, and secondary market volumes are better, more exciting to do. Now, if the domain name was registered, not someone I would not hesitate to invest. But it was too late. At the beginning of the game wholesale domain name, I did not pay attention to some specific domains like or * because not assess its full potential. Moreover, at that time, I did not have enough money to “animal” series of domain names at once. Therefore, I must choose the domain name “delicious” before. Now, when looking at the situation, I feel pity for having to “live” plenty of opportunities “scored”.

In some instances, I have to return the domain name – and In case the domain name really wrong when I change the subject from the individual to register the company name. So take this domain. Second case, the Mercedes brand owners to prove that I was using the domain name for purposes coincide with its purpose. On the homepage of this domain name can hang inscription announced that the domain name owner is a company providing recruitment services. Lawyers for Mercedes (real) proves that, Mercedes also offer this service. This is the domain name can sell a lot of money and therefore need to “grab” to the end. When the domain name is the name of a product / service of a stork baby now, you have many opportunities to choose and invest. I do not “bored” if I had to appear in court in this case because I almost lose nothing, things can take is that the disputed domain name, while the complainant, the court costs and fees, the money to hire a lawyer – the amount that is more than the price I suggest they purchase a domain name. However, the brand of goods / services is not something that brings my main source of income, so that my work without risk.

I never run after new customers they are chasing me. Every day, they make calls, write letters, meet with me to ask the price of this domain, other domains. The most valuable domain in my warehouse property is a short domain names with several letters. Just sell a few domains that I had excess money to invest in a series of new domain names. But the hunt for the domain name must also follow its route. Every domain name “delicious food” a little man “crane” away. Recently, a domain name has been “pushed” go for $ 16 thousand dollars, although part of this domain consists of (Typically, domain names, including unpopular figure). I have no intention of investing in domain names they said I could never “to change the owner name” for it. Yet someone had bought it, it was weird!

I do not understand why there were those who expressed jealousy to me. Yeah, I mean who immediately above them all to go to register most domain names have two – three letters. So why not do the galaxy before it goes? Does anyone obstructing where they do this? Recently, my domain name management board Khimki city purchased for 12 thousand dollars. I see this domain name has expired and the owner does not register again, so I planned hunt this person. I agree you need to purchase is the price $ 200, after a month, the Khimki city administration proposed acquisition of the domain name for $ 12 thousand dollars.

Many people think that the money I earned from the investment domain name should also ventured talk. Their questions usually focus on one concern: why I sell domain names with such a high price? There is a standard price for the domain name? When not want a specific answer, I just smashed this harrowing “This domain is not my right? It’s mine, right? That was my thought due to my decision, nobody likes to buy, I sell, who do not like it, well, I have begged Where? Go ahead and buy that domain name for a few tens of dollars in all the domains on that beach. ”

I also never had a bunch of spare cash and would not want to find ways to sell your domain names quickly to collect the money. Sometimes very badly-needed, I would sell a little cheaper than the next hoach.Vi example, my last car accident. My son’s new car parks were damaged. I’m thinking about buying a new car to get around. And so, a domain name “beautiful night” was pulled out of storage and sells for a little discount priority. Just when you need the money, I just take off.

If I have to consent to stop the game, then life can be more peaceful, not too busy, worried as they are now. But I love this profession, when they have the opportunity. No way I will not sell or domain (called a provider of telecommunications services in Russia the second largest – BWP). Only cash advertising materials that I received from the two domain names even more than the money that people pay me to own them.

Rules of the game in this area change frequently. Not long ago, the expired domain name owner is unable to come back will be provided to those who register in advance. The “investors” domain name must plan to track these domains, analyze situations, apply to register in time and … wait for the chance to smile. And so, in wresting the good domain names, the opportunity for many investors to be calculated every second. This is far more interesting than the participation in the auction domain name as before. For all investors, the domain name is only one single price list, therefore, very difficult to calculate in advance the value of domain names. The winner is the person acknowledges the problem quickly, as people have more resources and programs, not just those with money.

Now, the domain name investors toddler * to craft virtually no opportunities. Try clicking on the Internet that view. Anglers are many sources that “fish” was not diverse. There have been many companies are open to hunting out only the domain name. Coming will nothing left to pick up that is. To become an investor in the blood present in this field, you must have ample financial resources. The one good domain name is not registered will end “freedom” of his in 2010, when about 3 million domain names registered, and the choice will be no more. And so, by 2010, investment professional domain name might just be nostalgia.

Many people said that the investment professional domain name is a profession not very ethical. But perhaps, few people understand that we also have to work extremely tired. Every day, I work 15-20 hours, even days could not sleep. Worst time of the week is Monday and Tuesday, you should check out the list of domain names are released in the Friday, Saturday and Sunday to register promptly on Monday. I do not remember the last time a movie in theaters that day, perhaps a long time ago. I do not remember how to rest, because any of my holiday is also associated with the Internet: I always carry my laptop, only select areas where Internet access to stay, and though the holiday but I almost always standing pat, hug the computer. Which assign someone to do it I feel unstable. Of course, an employer can do this, but somehow I do not believe they can do this a careful and thoughtful way as I was. Furthermore, I do not believe in the inspiration of others. This is a job that can not be trusted to others.

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