One day, in front of you are Steve Jobs or any of the Apple CEO at the time, and the price: $ 10 million, if not you will not get your desired domain name“, then surely it will be very interesting.
Apple is one company had acquired the domain name related to your most and least expensive.

Buying and selling domain names can bring in huge profits, more than the drug trade or business of gambling and prostitution illegal - these days are considered “super profitsnow.

Letter i million

Return to the deal to sell the domain name to Apple, what can be represented Jobs or Apple will be refused and said: 10 million is too high a price, we only spent 4.5 million for 1 million and is negotiating for domain name but not with the price of $ 10 million $ 1.5 million he think?

I never text back to the world price, bulk domain name with the letter i in front, behind is a word that means both registered a decade ago.

The letter i in the Apple products such as the iPod, iMac, iPad is explained: i = i, i = internet, i = intelligent (smart), i = the individual (unique, individual )

iCloud is registered from the date 15.01.1999, if the maintenance fees are US $ 10.5 / year (register for free) until 2011, the owner of iCloud only takes total maintenance fee is 126 USD (2.646 million VND) . Apple bought the domain name, is said to have cost US $ 4.5 million - the equivalent of 94.5 billion Vietnamese currency.

This is a huge profit, such profit may only be available at the auction of ancient works of art, such as the Chinese giants buy an antique vase, or regional giants Arabs to own a unique number plate for the car.

In addition to having acquired the iCloud price gouging”, Apple has also acquired to cost $ 1 million, acquisition (unknown value) and will probably have to negotiate the purchase of the iPad. com - if the company wants to acquire all domain names related to their products.

So, Steve, or more accurately, Apple will target the public domain?

There are interesting things that we can rely on that to the thinking of a domain name that can potentially Apple will covet:

The portable mobile products popular Apple begins with the letter i, followed by the letter P, then again as a vowel and end with the letter d.

We already know what Apple device is an iPod, iPad coincides with this rule, although the origin of the name, many people know that the iPod was inspired by the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey“, iPhone is simply the word puzzle with letter i phone (phone), the name remains a mystery iPad. But if this logic, the name, will be the domain name that you own.

Add one more thing, Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino put (US), so it is likely will bring you money.

Steve Jobs was a potentially huge impact on the community the most current technology, he was also the most influential for Apple products, then an Apple product to mark completely may appear when Steve is gone. Surely there will be a product made by Apple,” Jobs called iSteve, or iSteve, iJobs.

But while Steve Jobs was CEO of Apple, he has the right to name the product or not? If he is right, then a story that Steve Jobs has a daughter named Lisa wow, iLisa can be a lucrative domain name

However, you may be disappointed by the above domain names have been registered, such as a domain name is Apple‘s most coveted was created from 21.04.1997 and expiry date 04/22/2011-term (that is in case the employer does not continue to renew), while the new iPad tablet computer launched in 2010.

And all the domain names I‘ve listed above, employers have had, even before Apple make their products more expensive hotel: been registered since 1998, from 1995 and the iPad has been registered since 1997.

Should invest in the domain of fruit?
Many people know that Apple’s current logo is derived from the story of Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, an apple hit is head and his thoughts on the appeal of things and then find out the laws of all things interesting guide .

Apple’s first logo is an image of Newton sitting under an apple tree, then go into effect reductive current apple. Why is an apple with the many different ways explains why, from the simplicity that is just a sign of recognition, or it may be because apples with apples in the story of Newton being hit on head , he will wipe away the apple and bite a piece.

The story above may indicate that you should invest in domain names related to the dictionary problem, typical area of … all the gods in Greek mythology .com front have been registered, but okay, may be a lot of interesting stories to your thinking and registered as a domain name.

Furthermore, it seems that fashionable technology firm Apple took the name Apple (Apple), Microsoft released Mango OS (Mango) the name related to the kind of results are actually very attractive, appealing not only in the technology sector. own domain name, it is owned by Mango fashion brand names. Apple is still around its products are related to apples, such as Macintosh name (code of a project to write OS) derived from a variety of apple that Jef Raskin - Apple staff favorite; a good name to appear when the Apple CEO would like illustration on someone they will call John Appleseed - the name of a revolutionary, as well as a passionate gardener types of apples.

The dream wire, so that not only involves fruits, Mozilla took the name of its operating system is Firefox, then the company re-introduce the operating system Fennec (desert fox) for mobile it has belongs to Mozilla, there sale price $ 14,410.

Buying and selling domain names, is the domain name has brought many millions of people were quick to sign up, with news that HSBC took from 30000-50000 dollars to buy back vn.

The simple formula of speculators is to register the domain name of the country related to the major brands.

Currently, the domain name related to banking are hot”, then the domain names related to law. Nguyen Si Ha (employee’s business domain name registration Mat) states, in addition to banking, the registration of domain names related to law firms are active in the market.

You can check that domain name has been registered or not someone, present the principles level domain name is still a pre-registered, pre-allocated“.

However, the registration operation, ownership and negotiate the sale of the domain name is still risky, primarily the domain name can not be sold while still maintaining charge, the second is to dispute the domains related to confusion with the trademark, trade protectionism will cause problems related to legal aspects.

However, the best way that I think you should created his company, create products and make sure no one registered domain names related to them and then make them famous.

This domain name may be directed important, but quality, new products and services is the decision whether it is worth the money.

Both Yahoo, YouTube, Google, Facebook will begin with meaningless names and now you have to pay hundreds of millions to billions of dollars to get the .com domain name ahead of such names.

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